Michelangelo for a day

If you and your kids like using your hands and creating something original,while having some fun this is the experience could be for you. After a tour, if you and your kids would like to get your hands dirty, play with colors and create something wonderful, like a mosaic,sign up to one of my workshops. We guarantee you’ll have a great time!!

Workshop participants can put into practice what they may have learned about on a tour. For example, mosaic and fresco techniques used by Great Masters such as Michelangelo and his mates. The workshops last 2 hours. While it is aimed primarily at children,aged 5 to 12, parents are also welcome to participate. However if you prefer,while your little loved ones are creating their work of art, you can leave them with us and enjoy some free time.


OPTION 1- FRESCO PAINTING (for all ages) From a selection of images, you choose one that you wish to recreate. We help you prepare the surface and draw the outline. Then the real fun starts; mixing colors and realizing your creation. This workshop is our most popular. Every materials included, the fresco will be yours at the end.

OPTION 2 -CREATING A MOSAIC (for all ages) Beautiful mosaics, ancient and more recent are everywhere in Rome. So what better fun can be had than to create your own mosaic!!! Participants choose the level of difficulty depending on their age and then start to create their own artistic jigsaw. Kids love this and it’s great for their creative development. Every materials included, the mosaic will be yours at the end

OPTION 3- RESTORING AN OLD PAINTING (for older children) Have you ever wondered how a painting is restored watch a restorer at work and then have a go yourself at bringing something back to life. This workshop is half learning, half doing and many visitors find it fascinating.

OPTION 4- DECORATING IN GOLD LEAF lot’s of Rome’s greatest ceiling are covered in gold. In this workshop , we let you in on a few secrets, after which you get the chance to delicately decorate a gold leaf object,such as a small angel,flowers or picture frame. Mums especially like this. Every materials included, the golden object will be yours at the end

IMPORTANT: please be assured that your kids are working in a safe environment at all time and do not come into contact with any chemicals at any time.

Our workshop is at Vicolo dei Marchegiani 1 (just a 5 minute walk from Piazza Navona) For enquiries, booking and prices contact us at: